sign of the half-closed eye (ecban) wrote,
sign of the half-closed eye

hasn't been quite six months, but...

...I got a gripe or two. Y'know, architects live in houses just like everyone else. I'm sure every architect on earth has had to deal with a water heater that spontaneously starts leaking at some point in their lives, just like everyone else. So why don't houses come with, say, a built-in floor drain under the water heater and a three-inch-high concrete sill around the designated water heater area? Seems to me that it would be cheap to build in, and would be guaranteed to save a lot of trouble and expense at some point in the life of the house. A resident might not end up with a whole lot of sodden carpet and a thick stench of mildew, for instance.

My next house is going to be six feet off the ground. It'll be built on stilts. The floor will be made of chicken wire. I won't even have to vacuum.

On the job front... After a year at the new place, I can say it's by far the best job I've ever had and I still don't like it. Probably I just can't be satisfied. The place is a nonprofit, it raises cubic assloads of money for good causes, I see a lot of it pass through the office. We don't waste much of it on the way through, even. I occasionally get to use my skills and talents. Still, I've never seen any of it produce a result that I could put my finger on. However, unlike Big Bookstore, it's not going out of business by September 2010, so I'll stick until I find better.

Which could be soon. I'm now building iPhone apps on the side, partnering with an old friend. First one is about a month from ready to hit the app store. It'd be wild to see my own code actually be used by someone for a useful purpose. Root for us.

Haven't read or heard much that rocked me in the past year, but there have been a few good ones. Robert Holdstock's Celtika series turned out to be far better than I'd hoped. After Dark by Haruki Murakami is worthwhile. Levon Helm's CD Dirt Farmer is a masterpiece. Get it.
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