sign of the half-closed eye (ecban) wrote,
sign of the half-closed eye

semiannual blog post

Every now and then, I remember that I have a blog. The urge to post strikes me less often.

I'm enjoying a long weekend of hiding from the inauguration hoopla. Obama yes, hoopla no.

Been a lot more musically active this past year, which cheers me no end. It's probably a reaction to not having Big Bookstore at my service to feed my bibliomania. Shortly after starting my new job, I found a tiny, highly eccentric musical instrument shop within walking distance of work. Places like that are catnip to me. I started popping in on my lunch breaks, chatting with the owner. A few weeks later I bought a classical guitar. Then extra strings, then a tuner. Then, at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, bought Melinda the bowed psaltery that she'd wanted since last year. Needed a chromatic tuner for that. Can't have that without sheet music, of course, so the size of my score library has grown exponentially. Updated my copy of Finale PrintMusic so that I can compose and arrange at home.

Over the holidays, I went off the deep end and got an eight-course renaissance lute. Just spent three hours restringing it and getting it in tune. I assume my geek quotient is now fully off the scale.
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