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It's all been a blur, with just way too many things happening all at once. The good news is that Melinda's mom, who was near death two months ago due to an extremely complicated stack of medical conditions, is on her way to a full recovery. Mel took leave of her job to do 24/7 home care, the rest of her family has been helping out, the doctors at Dewitt have been great (the doctors at Walter Reed have not), and much thanks is also due to the various nurses and occupational therapists. Mel's mom, by the way, is a very cool lady, and I've been enjoying hanging out with her through all this.

On a related note, our wedding date is set for May 3, which not coincidentally is Mel's mom's 85th birthday!

In between weekdays at work and weekends at Mel's mom's place, my copious free time has been devoted to the never-ending job search and to setting up a website for bro-in-law Brian's nonprofit organization, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Roasters Group. It's a work in progress, with a lot of things needing to be refined, databases to be constructed, etc, but is reasonably functional now. Stop by if you happen to be on the East Coast and are interested in the finer points of coffee bean roasting.

And a quick book review:
Tales of the Golden Corpse: Tibetan Folk Tales, retold by Sandra Benson - Killer primo ancient folktale weirdness with a Bon/Mahayana Buddhist flavor. Twenty-five stories, each one just about as strange as possible, all framed within a larger story about one young boy's efforts to capture a wily flying talking cadaver that lives in a tree. Kudos for the meticulous translation work and the complete lack of adulteration. Quotable, too:
The musicians played the instruments so loudly that no one heard Lhaso Kunga's screams rising from the tent, but the stench of his burning flesh was everywhere.
And they all lived happily ever after! Except Lhaso Kunga, who didn't.
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